Classic Rye Polugar

Classic Rye Polugar is a real Russian bread wine revived using all the traditional technologies and recipes of the 18th and 19th centuries.

It is transparent, has rich oily texture, striking bread aroma and warming soft taste of rye bread. Classic Rye Polugar has a complex bready aftertaste with traces of rye bread, honey and almonds.

It is produced using select coarse-milled rye, natural water that didn’t undergo the complete purification cycle, triple distillation in copper stills reconstructed using the 19th century drawings, cleaning with birch coal and fresh egg white. Classic Rye Polugar is easy to drink and it has a unique noble taste.

Thanks to the classical distillation technology and the multi-level quality control system the long ago lost symbol of the Russian cuisine, breadwine Classic Rye Polugar comes back in its original form which was well known to our great-grandparents for its traditional bready taste and aroma. You will get the maximum satisfaction from it in combination with classical dishes of the Russian cuisine.