Fusel oils

Not many people know that according to the modern Russian GOST standards fusel oil content in, e.g. cognac, must be at least 300 times higher then in vodka, and the maximum allowed level is almost 1000 times, otherwise the beverage will not be considered a cognac.

This is a clear indication of safety of fusel oil in allowed quantities.


Permitted content of admixtures calculated in mg per liter of vodka and cognac


3,2 20 – 200

5,2 200 – 1080
Fusel oils 2,4 680 – 2000

Fusel oil content in whiskey, calvados, armagnac, cognac, tequila, grappa can be even higher than prescribed by Russian GOST (national quality standard), and those are the most expensive and prestigious drinks in the world. It is the fusel oil along with complex ethers and tannin (when matured in oak barrels) that give distillates their unique taste and aroma. Fusel oil content in Polugar is comparable to its content in single malt whiskey. And not a single modern vodka produced by dilution of chemically clean rectified spirit with water cant be compared to delicious and aromatic Polugar.

The entire world enjoys the reach and full taste and aroma of national distillates that bear all the traits of the source raw materials: whiskey – barley, cognac and grappa – grape, tequila – agave, and only Russians were deprived of the pleasure to try the truly Russian rye distillate. Rye bread wine is what our great-grandparents were drinking before spirit rectification was invented in Europe, and  before that only distillation in stills was possible.

Now you can try the real bread wine Polugar produced using all the traditional Russian technologies and recipes.