Myth about VODKA

The most common misconceptions about vodka:

- Vodka in its modern form is an ancient Russian national drink. In reality vodka has a definite date of birth – 1895.

- Father of the vodka recipe is D.I. Mendeleyev. It was he who defined its strength – 40o. D.I. Mendeleyevnever had anything to do with vodka or any other alcoholic beverages. 40 degree strength was introduced by minister of finances M.H. Reytern in 1866.

- Grain vodka is definitely better than potato vodka. With the modern spirit production technologies the choice of raw materials practically does not matter. English potato vodka was awarded the first prize at 2010 world contest.

- Admixtures, especially the most known fusel oil, are hazardous for your health. The main “actor” in alcoholic beverages is the ethyl spirit. Admixtures that are naturally formed during production of alcoholic beverages do not add anything to its dominating effect on human organism.

- Production cost of one bottle of expensive vodka is much higher than of cheap vodka. Cost of the most expensive vodka component – ethyl spirit, is maximum 60 rubles. One liter of spirit is used for production of 5 bottles of vodka.

See movie “Vodka. The history of the Russian wining and dining traditions.” to fully get rid of these myths.