Russian cuisine and POLUGAR

By the way, have you ever considered this question?

It is well known that the most famous and wealthiest families of the Russian Empire always stocked large and unlimited quantities of refined foreign alcoholic beverages brought from Europe. In other word, the host could always offer his guests any drink from his personal reserves, and I assure you that the host and his guests were usually true connoisseurs – preferring the best.

So why should they, ‘noblemen’, be producing their own “bread wine” while having such reserves of drinks? Obviously, in addition to patriotism there was another reason, the main one.

It was delicious!

Not a single foreign drink with all of its virtues could offer this amazing feeling of soft hardness complimented with such close and native (even for ‘nobility’) flavour of the home-made rye bread.

Of course, cognac went very well with cigars, as well as with fruits and different sweets. But what will you serve with the Russia’s favorite pancakes with caviar or a pie with mushrooms -  salted milk caps? And crispy pickled cucumbers, jellied meat, a sucking-pig stuffed with buckwheat – will you serve that with cognac, sherry or rum? No, no and no again.

The national cuisine demanded, and had a national drink that was fully doing its job.