Rye Malt Polugar is the apex of the classical Russian distillation art, the true masterpiece of the bread taste and aroma created by Boris Rodionov in copper stills. Attention given to every small detail of the production process produces the truly magical taste of our noble national drink.

Here we have the malting of select rye, the traditional Russian technology of triple distillation in alembics, and the purification with fresh egg white and birch coals. Creator of Rye Malt Polugar, vodka historian Boris Rodionov always blends the best, most tasty and aromatic malt distillates personally, creating the unforgettable beverage composition.

Rye Malt Polugar has an intense cream texture, unmatched soft and complex taste of freshly baked rye bread and long lasting, warming and slowly disappearing aftertaste. Unrivaled softness and deep taste of this bread wine is achieved by adhering to the traditional technologies and month-long ‘maturing’ of Rye Malt Polugar when noble distillates mix, slowly forming their unique saturated bread flavour that is so close and familiar for every Russian.

Rye Malt Polugar is the apex of the Russian classical distillation art. Each bottle passes 10-stage quality control procedure. This noble classical drink perfectly matches the finest dishes and is perfect as a digestive.

You can taste Rye Malt Polugar only in the fanciest restaurants, it is sold only in exclusive alcohol boutiques. Thanks to its unmatched softness and deep taste it cannot be compared to any vodka, whisky or any other hard drink. Each gift-edition box includes a book “Polugar. Revival” disclosing secrets of the Russian distillates’ history. Dainty box with golden impression, specially recreated 0,615 liter half-shtof bottle, wooden cork, classical dark brown label complete the image of truly elite national beverage reconstructed using ancient technologies.

Try it for yourself and you will see that Rye Malt Polugar is a truly delicious drink, a major organoleptic advance in traditional distillates.